4 Passenger Lincoln Town Car. For the Executive who expects the best, we have 15 Lincoln Town Cars in our fleet. These are the sharpest sedans in the city. Our professional drivers will ALWAYS show up on time, dressed sharp, with an immaculately clean car inside and out. NO EXCEPTIONS. These sedans are for those who require and expect the best.

Come smell the fresh leather. We also provide complimentary Dasani or Evian bottled water, fresh mints, and a current Charlotte Observer and USA today.

Rates & Pricing
Transfer Rates
Starting at $55.00
Hourly Rates
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $55.00
Friday - Sunday
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $55.00
Hours Discount
4.1 - 6.0 10%
6.1 - 9.9 15%
10+ 20%

Additional charges may apply for pickups outside of Charlotte city limits.
Rates subject to change based on special events such as Prom, NYE, etc.