Step inside the 2015 Cadillac XTS and you will see a rich, impeccably assembled cabin. Comfortable, leather-trimmed seats are standard, outfitted with leather-wrapped interior panels. The 3-passenger rear seat offers good legroom, and a massive, 18-cubic-foot trunk. Cadillac calculates that the XTS can swallow five or more suitcases.  The standard 8-inch touch-screen center controller is visually appealing and offers haptic feedback (in which the screen feels like it’s touching you back). the seats are so comfortable we won’t get mad if you fall asleep on the way, we’ll wake you up when we get there.

Rates & Pricing
Transfer Rates
Starting at $65.00
Hourly Rates
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $65.00
Friday – Sunday
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $65.00
Hours Discount
4.1 – 6.0 10%
6.1 – 9.9 15%
10+ 20%

Prices above do not include driver gratuity, service trans. fee, and fuel.
Additional charges may apply for pickups outside of Charlotte city limits.
Rates subject to change based on special events such as Prom, NYE, etc.