Here is a very nice referral from one of our dear customers.  Thank you David, for your kindness.

James Weymann

James –

A quick note to thank you, most sincerely, for taking such good care of Marianne Faithfull and her band this past Thursday and Friday. She was precious cargo not just to us but to legions of rock and roll fans.

You and your associate went out of your way to deliver services of the very highest order, and in the process you made us look good in the eyes of a very influential act.

Both Marianne and most importantly her road manager, without my asking them, gave both you and your other driver RAVE reviews. This, by the way, from a woman who has been ferried about in executive transportation for the past 45 years. Without exaggeration she’s lived almost her entire life in limos, and she thought you did a great job.

So a tip of the hat.

At some point we’ll talk about the future… but for now you have our gratitude and our respect for a job well done.

Best wishes,

DAVID JENKINS, Executive Director, Don Gibson Theatre

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