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The official business of the 2020 Republican National Convention, including the formal nomination of President Donald J. Trump, will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 21-24, 2020. This vital party business is, of course, the primary purpose of any national convention. 

Other important convention business will also take place in the “Queen City,” including the Convention Committee on Credentials meeting and the publication of proceedings. As the North Carolina Governor’s Executive Order prohibited convention celebrations in Charlotte, the Republican National Committee modified the rules to align with the state’s current restrictions in place so that fewer delegates and staff are required to gather in Charlotte.

Following the official business, there will be a five-star convention celebration – including the president’s acceptance, speeches by other individuals and candidates, and other convention-related activities – in Jacksonville, Florida on August 24-27, 2020. The convention celebration will be an encore like never before. 

Our world-class event will play an integral role in supporting small businesses and generating millions of dollars across the southeastern United States. It will leave a lasting impact across the nation as we celebrate American greatness.

This will be one historic convention and one unconventional celebration in support of the Republican Party’s winning leader: President Donald J. Trump.


 Charlotte has been recognized as the top travel destination in the Carolinas and the #1 “up and coming city in America” by Yelp. It is both what’s now and what’s next.

The “Queen City” continually garners widespread attention for its ever-evolving cityscape and enduring role as host to some of the nation’s most important events, figures and industries.

Beyond its banking prowess, Charlotte boasts one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor must-sees, beloved sports franchises, culinary trailblazers and an invigorating arts and entertainment scene. In fact, with multiple theater venues, acclaimed art and history museums and more than 100 symphony performances annually, Charlotte’s cultural community is alive, thriving and only getting better.

This yet-to-be fully discovered international destination also offers exclusive attractions found only in Charlotte, from the Olympic-level whitewater rafting at the U.S. National Whitewater Center to high-speed fun at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and much more.

Most importantly, the city is filled with friendly residents who will instantly make you feel like you’re right at home. That’s why, for all its flourishing growth and impressive success, Charlotte has happily preserved the sweet Southern charm and hospitality that make it so hard to leave — and so easy to come back!

Plan a visit the Queen City and experience all that it has to offer! The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority wants to help you see Charlotte’s undeniable energy, passionate people and captivating experiences.


 Jacksonville’s natural beauty gives residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy nature’s playground: our 22 miles of coastline and abundant parks, waterways, and beaches make up the largest urban park system in America. The River City is a prime destination for tourists and businesses alike to break away from the mundane and explore nature.

In addition to unsurpassed natural beauty, Jacksonville boasts a tapestry of culture, diving, and entertainment opportunities. From the creativity and innovation of our award-winning breweries and restaurants, to our rich collection of museums and galleries, to easy access to world-class sports and shopping, Jacksonville is a thriving and diverse metropolis that offers something for everyone.

Endless coastline, parks galore, rich city life, and a business-friendly environment: Jacksonville’s balance of nature and culture is one-of-a-kind, and a key part of what makes the River City so special.

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